a production company based in Idaho, USA.


LovelyMachine is a producer of film, television, and digital productions, including the acclaimed feature documentaries "JENS PULVER | DRIVEN," and "BLOODSWORTH - AN INNOCENT MAN," and the original series "ZERO POINT" which premiered as part of the 2015 Tribeca N.O.W. program.

Currently, LovelyMachine is in post-production on the feature dark-comedy noir, "6 DYNAMIC LAWS FOR SUCCESS (IN LIFE, LOVE & MONEY)" starring Travis Swartz, Jennifer Lafleur and Ross Partridge.

LovelyMachine is based in Idaho, USA.



Gregory Bayne is originally from Nebraska. He grew up in a small town named Potter. There he passed the days dreaming of being a super hero and staging reenactments of "Red Dawn." Currently he splits his time between Idaho and New York.

Recent work includes the feature documentaries "Jens Pulver | DRIVEN," and "Bloodsworth–An Innocent Man," the award-winning series "Zero Point" and the upcoming comedy noir feature, "6 Dynamic Laws For Success (In Life, Love & Money)," currently in post-production.